Driving on the Isle of Skye

We want you to enjoy your hire with us, so please read the following for some tips on driving on the Isle of Skye. Please remember to drive on the left - the most important tip!

All of the main roads (A87, etc.) on the Isle of Skye are twin lane roads, one lane going each way. Even though they are main routes, you may find them narrower than you are used to. Many visitors, especially from North America tend to drive too close to the left hand verge (kerb). This often results in unintended wheel / tyre damage. Try to stay as close to the centre line as you safely can.

Single track roads. Most of the roads off the main routes are single track roads. Single track roads are only wide enough for one vehicle. Always stop in a passing place to your left to allow approaching traffic to pass. Please do not hold up following traffic, they may be local people who know the road much better and may want to travel quicker than you. Please stop in a passing place on your left to allow them to overtake. Passing places are indicated by a diamond shaped white sign with 'Passing Place' on it, shown below. You'll find some more tips on driving on the left and on single track roads at the bottom of the page.

Speed limits. The top speed limit on the island is 60 mph (97 kph). This is indicated by a round white sign with a diagonal black stripe. In towns and villages, the speed limits are 50, 40, 30 and 20 mph all indicated by round white signs with a red border and black lettering. The speeds are miles an hour, not kilometres.

Speed limit signs

The Isle of Skye is a busy, working rural community as well as being a major tourist destination. With this comes all types of traffic - on four wheels, two wheels, four legs and two legs. You will encounter vehicles of all types - from large lorries (trucks), buses, camper vans, tractors, motorcyclists and cyclists as well as other cars. You will encounter walkers and hikers, sometimes walking on the 'wrong' side of the road. You may also encounter various animals on the road - cattle, deer and especially sheep on single track roads. For all of them (human and animal) try to anticipate what they are going to do and don't drive too close to them.

Road users on Skye

Remember to drive on the left when:

On single track roads